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Tasks Description

My first role was to work with General manager’s office for reviewing previous tasks and categorize them based on 3 categories (Completed – Partially done – Not done). The other task is to build the list of new activities and the due date of each and build a calendars of tasks for next few weeks. When I prepare those 2 sheets I present them via Microsoft PowerPoint to the General Manager (GM) every Sunday Morning. This occurs biweekly which is called tracking sheet report.

The Next step when the GM decide who does what I make sure that I consolidate group of tasks for each person then lemail each pack of task to assigned person with clarification notes for due date and contact for support

Another tasks I contribute with the team in performing it well, is the projects evaluations session which one of the team prepare all information regarding all live projects and we review as team the performance of each project and list challenges to be presented for the GM.

What I learned

Ilearned at this workplace many things such as how to prepare reports for monitoring performance. I also learned how to work with team, and how to arrange meetings

Transferrable skills

  1. Time management
  2. Tasks monitoring
  3. Meetings management


  1. Sometimes tasks seem unclear and ambiguous
  2. Communication difficulties
  3. Frequent and repetitive changes

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